The future of primary health care in Australia.

At iHealth Care we are building a cooperative network of practices who deliver excellent family medicine.

About iHealth Care

iHealth Australia was founded by Dr Jared Dart who has spent the last 20 years working in healthcare research, education and service design and delivery.

iHealth Australia Pty Ltd is a company established to develop General Practitioner led facilities, services and solutions in a manner which recognises the key role quality primary care physician care plays for the patient and the health system. Our goal is to maintain GP ownership and we are committed to mentoring and supporting GPs to become practice owners within the iHealth Care group.

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Our Vision

At iHealth Australia we are building a cooperative network of practices who deliver excellent family medicine. Our iHealth Centres contain innovative, engaged, patient centred clinicians who want the best for you and your family.

Along with all the fundamentals of good General Practice, we are harnessing technology to make health care more accessible, more effective and more relevant for you. We are engaging with our patients and their clinicians to understand what works best for them so that together we can find the best way to deliver family medicine.

At iHealth, our vision is of a healthier world. For every 1000 active patients in our iHealth Centres, we sponsor a World Vision child.

ehealth services for GPs

Why iHealth?

We believe patients are wanting more from their general practice. They want a health system that puts them first, offers more choice, control and access to digital healthcare (such care plans, digital health devices, and contact with doctors via Telehealth).

Our clinics are adopting the iHealth Australia way allowing them to evolve to meet the needs of their patients through multidisciplinary healthcare services, cutting-edge technology, research and education, all supporting integrated person-centred care.

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“Imagine a world where we can move from identifying barriers and problems to addressing them with solutions we know can work and new ones we haven’t yet dreamt of.
We have imagined this,
we are now enabling this,
and bit by bit we are doing it.”

Associate Professor Dr Jared Dart
General Practitioner and Founder, iHealth Australia