About us

Our Vision

Imagine integrating a fragmented care system in a way that goes beyond identifying the problem to enabling solutions that are so intuitive they easily penetrate the whole healthcare market from hospitals, to community settings through to homes.

Imagine measuring inputs, outputs and outcomes to enable next generation business models for health and social care. We have that opportunity and we are going to bring together the best people, industry partners and technology to do it.

We are leaving behind the legacy of existing service models, focusing on an activated consumer, engaged and empowered clinicians and carers, and technology enabled solutions.

We are deploying intelligent data analytics, system design through simulation, and rapid prototyping to solve the highest priority health care problems – such as patients at high risk of hospital admission and focusing on keeping them out of hospital. We are designing these solutions on the basis of the rich experience of everyday General Practice and our intimate understanding of the biopsychosocial aspects of health care.

We will bend the cost curve to enable less expensive care of patients with high needs to allow re-investment in wellness and prevention.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide:
The best patient experience
The best clinician experience
The best health and social outcomes for our community
The best value from investment for our partners

Design, develop and distribute a system which contains and effectively and efficiently integrates all the necessary components, for next generation healthcare.

We recognise that in order to move beyond current issues and problems, that patients, communities, partners and staff need the right incentives. That is why we have moved from having customers to having partners and from consuming to cooperating.

Imagine a world where we can move from identifying barriers and problems to addressing them with solutions we know can work and new ones we haven’t yet dreamt of.

We have imagined this,

we are now enabling this,

and bit by bit we are doing it.

Our People

A great organisation starts with a great culture facilitated by great people

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